Karen helped me get really clear about the kind of career I wanted to have. Being an artist herself, she understood my struggle to find a balance between my work life and my art practice, and to feel satisfaction with my accomplishments. The tools and exercises that her coaching work provided were just right and came at the right time.
KMC helped me as I looked at the transition of moving back to Canada after 15 years overseas. I'd go back in a flash with new challenging changes. Very helpful and intuitive listener... I think of myself as being quite self-aware, but Karen was sometimes there ahead of me and advised me to go places I was not allowing myself to go. That alone changed my way of being with myself. Thanks Karen!
Karen’s coaching style is different and direct. Her support and guidance was strong, direct and clear. With coaching there is homework as always. I had the choice of doing or not doing the work. At the same time we all know the outcome if the homework is not done. By doing the work, I discovered another level of my strength with increased clarity in my life. The work I did with Karen helped me grow, to discover my deep inner strength and let go of the need to hide behind a mask. Which lead me to great changes in my work environment and social life. Karen and I work well together and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again. She is a great coach. Thank you!
ILC Warehouse Attendant
Karen helped me so much to really focus on what was needed at the right time. She was intuitive and just seemed to know me. Having her as my life coach was what I needed to become more mindful about everything I do and I have learned to really avoid the pitfalls that always seemed to block me from achieving. As a result, I have a successful career and my relationships are stronger. I recommend her to anyone who really just wants positive change in their life.
Celine N.
I.T. Specialist
Karen was so motivated and excited about our sessions. She was really attentive at listening without judgment. I would leave the sessions feeling rejuvenated.
Angela V.